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DixieMail - Older News


April 11, 1999

No new release yet…but stay tuned! I have a release in the works. Scheduled updates include:

  • Menu driven extensions (including forwarding)
  • Support for multiple domains
  • Multilanguage support - even write your own menus
  • A bit of major server cleanup

The picture above (not really there...but this is old news) is actually the latest DixieMail 1.6. However, I won´t have a download ready until I get some decent menus into all the extensions.

If you really can´t wait, mail me and I´ll send you the latest…but it is definitely pre-beta software. Otherwise, wait about a month or so.

January 23, 1999

DixieMail 1.5 - Just a bug release. Thanks to Kim Scheibel for the fix. From the E-Mail I received:


When sending several individual mails in the same session, using RSET between mails, the number of resultant mails grow exponentially (or potentially or whatever :-). Every subsequently sent mail will be sent by DixieMail to every reciepient mentioned so far.


The recipients list grow with each sent mail in the same session.


In SmtpServer.java, line 154, change:


else if ( ( command.equals( "noop" ) ) ||
( command.equals( "rset" ) ) )
sendAndDebug( to, "250 ok: "+ httpText );


else if ( ( command.equals( "noop" ) ) )
sendAndDebug( to, "250 ok: "+ httpText );
else if ( ( command.equals( "rset" ) ) )
numberOfRecipients = 0;
sendAndDebug( to, "250 ok: "+ httpText );


January 10, 1999

DixieMail 1.4! Another maintenance release, with a few new "perks". Mail forwarding has been changed to an extension, so all previous mail forwarding addresses will not work. However, this allows a little better extendability in the future for the forwarding function. The server stops quicker. Entry windows have been fixed so that the window can be closed without a value needing to be entered. Added some nifty icons.


October 31, 1998

DixieMail 1.3! Mostly just a maintenance release, this version should fix a bug where the data sent out from the server was implementation - dependent. The code would work on Windows machines, but not on Mac. Boo! Also modularized the code a bit, and fixed (hopefully) a bug with the forwarder code not forwarding to the right servers.

October 21, 1998

DixieMail 1.2! Okay…after a few nudges in the right direction (thanks to comments from all you users out there), a brand new version! What can happen in three days? Lots! APOP is now supported for passwords, a bit of menu cleanup was done, and a bug (well, not really) with the STAT message was fixed. Also, "Phantom addresses" are supported. What this means is that you can send a mail to a mail address at yournamehere.com and the mail server will interpret that as a local address. The server now saves settings as well (finally!). What this also means is that I´m running out of ideas! Please send them in!

If you are interested in being informed about updates to the software - though that may not be too often - please let me know. Would it be useful to start a mailing list about this sort of software?

October 18, 1998

DixieMail 1.1! Now presenting - the latest version of DixieMail! Not too many new features, but a pretty decent user interface cleanup. User listings, forwarding listings, and so on are now displayed in their own windows. Even added a splash screen! Also added some more setup information so if you are just using DixieMail when you are on the internet (short term), you can find out what your computer´s name is. We´re also looking at implementing local host names, but haven´t implemented it yet. Maybe in a month...?

To reduce overhead on my part, the source and other information is all combined into one file. That should help me get releases out a bit faster.

September 21, 1998

Finally, a new name and a new look for the former "Java E-Mail Tools"! DixieMail is a window driven e-mail program written in 100% Java. Why "DixieMail" you may ask? Well, I didn´t want a name that was too technology driven or geeky, and something that was fairly easy to remember. Plus, Dixie is my dog.

The DixieMail software, including an E-Mail Server set - POP3, SMTP, and Password servers, allows dynamic software extensions.  For example:

 admin - Run your computer remotely via e-mail.
 autoforward - Forwards mail to another address automatically.
 autoreply - Auto-replies with a file.
 dog - Send letters to a dog. The dog barks and woofs accordingly.
 listserv - Listserver type program.