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New Page of Friends   James - Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 9:17 pm

Well, here is my new page of friends (getting rid of the old one since most of the links have died. Bummer. Well, I want to keep the names and places somewhere online here in hopes that those that have lost their site will contact me sometime in the future.

Waldorf Family Tree - Links to the Waldorf family tree and family news. Here's another family tree.

Peter Andersson - From my days in Trollhättan at Saab. Check out his band, Jungle Juice. This link seems to be really old. Peter: Var är du någonstans? Kebab?

Ze's Homepage - Another Saab friend, Markus Winqvist, with his topics about everything from Sweden to Thailand to Trains!

Mercury Monterey -53 Homepage - Hans Tanderud and his 1953 Monterey

Thomas Eriksson's Homepage - Trolhättan friend, lots of Win 98 info. He and his wife Pia Eriksson were really cool. Now, the page has vanished away (Folkshögskola i Trollhättan websida)

Fred Ghofulpo - My Dad´s homepage - done quite nicely by Virginia Jones! Well, it was, until it vanished. Here's a copy of it on The graphics seem to have disappeared.

Homol'ovi Home Page - Where I worked in Arizona doing archaeology one summer. People I'd like to drop me a line: Doug Gann, Lauren Meserve, Alex Benitez (lost your e-mail, sorry).

Tom Jennings - GE Friend, avid runner

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