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List of Co-Orbital Satellites   James - Tuesday, November 22, 2005, 8:09 pm

As you may know, the Earth has only one natural orbiting body, the moon. However, you may not know that the Earth has several co-orbiting bodies - objects which share the orbit of the Earth with the Earth and sometimes even enter into orbit around the Earth for periods of time. I could not find a nice comprehensive list on the internet, so here is my go at it. You can search deeper for more detailed explanation of each body.

2002 AA293753 Cruithne / 1986 TOJ002E3 (Artificial, probably the lost S-IVB 3rd stage from Apollo 12, )(85770) 1998 UP1(54509) 2000 PH52003 YN1072004 GU92001 GO210563 Izhdubar(66063) 1998 RO1(85990) 1999 JV6

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