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Escapepodder notes   James - Thursday, December 22, 2005, 10:10 pm

Here are a few random notes about Escapepodder. Hopefully the search engines will pick up on this entry.

Escapepodder automatically generates an RSS feed for your podcast. All you have to do to run it is set up a configuration (one time only), then copy the mp3 files that you want to have as part of your podcast to that directory, and run escpod. When it runs, an RSS feed is generated with the mp3s that are in that directory as enclosures.

Escapepodder is GPLed code, but includes a Windows binary (command line only). You can just click on the executable to run it. It will exit fairly quickly, and the RSS feed will be ready. The code is written in C. I compile it with DJGPP.

Escapepodder is written in C code, so you may wish to tweak it for your needs. I see it as a sort of companion piece to Bashpodder, a simple, command line piece of code that can easily be scripted. You could write an easy script to copy your mp3 files to a directory, run escpod, then FTP all the mp3 files and the RSS feed to a server.

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