Notes From James
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Julkalender 2005   James - Saturday, December 24, 2005, 5:44 pm

Well, that's the end of William and Johanna's Julkalender 2005! It was fun putting it together and learning a lot about podcasting. I'm going to miss it, and don't have plans for any new podcasts now. I don't want to put something together and just be in the bottom of the major podcast hitters. There are tons of tech podcasts, couples podcasts, etc. that I feel that I'd be just another redundant voice in the ether. I'll very likely put another one together next year, but, until then, I'll be just another listener out on the net.

I'm going to keep working on Escapepodder as necessary since I think it's a good tool that is missing today out in the pod-o-sphere. Hopefully we'll see more of that stuff.

Thanks to those who listened!

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