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Thingamablog Isn't Dead!   James - Sunday, August 20, 2006, 9:13 pm

I was worried about the status of Thingamablog (the wonderful Java program that I use to write this blog). I sent an e-mail to Bob Tantlinger, the main author, and asked him if the project was dead, in hiatus, etc.

Hi Bob!

I've been using Thingamablog for quite a while now and have noticed that the project seems to have died. :-( I remember reading about Tablog 2.0 a while back, but can't seem to find any trace of it. Is the project really dead? (Of course on sourceforge, it's never really dead, but...)

Thanks for such a great program!


Almost immediately, he sent me his reply:

Hi James,

Thingamablog isn't dead :) It is being rebuilt from the ground up, which, sadly, is taking a lot longer than i'd hoped.

Sorry about there not being any news updates, or anything. I guess when I get my mind wrapped around new projects, I tend to push the old ones to the side. I should be better about that.

Anyway, stay tuned. The new version isn't too far away.

So to all Thingamabloggers, don't give up hope! And stay tuned....

Updated: 20 Aug 2006

Check for updates on Bob's weblog here.

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