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Adventures in Flats   James - Wednesday, September 27, 2006, 10:37 pm

I'm adding a new category, Outdoors, to this website. I'm going to try to document various things that I find when dealing with the great outdoors. Mostly mountain biking, as that's one of my favorite outdoor activities.

Today, I put a thorn resistant tube in my wife's back tire. I like biking on her bike with my daughter (her bike has a baby seat), and I've been having flats quite frequently, even on my own bike (usually, the slow leaking type). The last time I biked, the front tire went flat, and rather quickly. After taking out the back tube and replacing it with a thorn resistant tube (since that is where most of my flats have been occurring lately), I put the back tube on the front wheel. Before I put it in, though, I ran my finger on the inside surface, and found two rose thorns that were embedded in the tire.

I was considering putting Armadillo tires on my bike or using Slime, but since I spend most of my time lately on her bike, I'm going to just keep an eye out on the tires, seeing if they're going flat or not after this change. If the thorn resistant tube works, I'll use those instead (a lot cheaper). I've heard both good and bad things about Slime, and will wait to try that out. I'd like to avoid any potential messes.

Details as they follow.

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