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My Bike   James - Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 10:48 pm

Found a picture of my least an old picture of an "adequate representation" of it. A 1996 (?) Crescent Lodur, built in Sweden. I found this picture a long time ago, haven't found any similar pictures lately (and I have been looking).

Mine is slightly different. I put on a different water bottle cage, added a quick release lever for the seat, and changed the back tire. Amazingly enough, I'm still running with the original front tire from when I bought it (though not the original tube). Still haven't upgraded either of the tubes to the thorn resistant type. I'll probably do this if (when) I get my next flat.

I bought a padded seat from Nashbar. It's one of those gel type seats. The original one (pictured above, a Vectra, I think) was getting hard and my butt was getting sore.

Looks like the pedals are somewhat different as well, at least as far as the color goes.

Well, somewhat offtopic, Thingamablog (the program I use to do this web site) is being a pain. I was hoping that the picture would stay in the appropriate section. Unfortunately, it seems to flow down into the following article. Interesting, but not what I wanted. Instead, I need to add a bit more writing. Blah blah blah. There. I hope that's enough.

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