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Yamaha UX16 Midi Driver Installation Problems Solved   James - Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 9:47 pm

I had terrible problems. No matter what I did, I could not get the drivers or the updated drivers to install. I sent an e-mail to Yamaha:

I have been trying to install the drivers for the ux16, but always get the same error: Cannot install this hardware: there was a problem installing this hardware: Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver ... An error occurred during the installation of the device. The system cannot find the file specified. I have tried many different versions of the device driver, but cannot get it to work correctly. Maybe an older version of the driver corrupted the registry?

I received a quick response that seemed to work!


The problem is not the driver.

In most cases people will download the driver, place it on their desktop and try to install it from there. This won't work because the Windows install process will reference the C: drive or a directory on the C: drive. When it cannot find the driver in a provided directory (nor on the root directory, because the driver's info's on the desktop) that error will be triggered.

In other cases clients will have multiple directories, or try to install it from a abnormal directory structure. Either way will trigger the same error.

Nontheless, our driver is simply being affected by 'A' problem, but is not 'THE' problem.

I have included the install process for the UX16, as well as a way to clean out your DM.


UX16 to XP unit.

1.Place the UX16 disc into the PC. Make sure you connect UX16 to you keyboard (or other midi device) 'in to out' and 'out to in'. 2. Connect UX16 to PC USB port. 3. Windows should now search for a driver, and after finding it on the CD, should proceed to install it. 4. When running XP you may get a notice saying that the driver has not been tested. Microsoft charges to test drivers. We can test our own, they work, so it's ok to click on the 'continue anyway' button. 5. Windows may want to reboot after this, so go ahead and let it. 6. After windows comes back up, go to control panel/sound and audio, and then to the audio tab. At the bottom, change the selection to Yamaha-USB-01, then make the same midi device change in Cool Edit Pro's midi set up.


You are more than welcome to download the latest drivers from the download section at: ]

Select: USB-MIDI Driver for Windows(R) XP/2000 and download: um220xp2.exe

Download and update the driver.

To update.

1. Double click on downloaded file. 2. Windows will ask when you would like to extract the files to. Type in c: 3. Go to device manager, and double click on "sound, video, and game controller" 4. Double click on Yamaha USB midi driver, and go to the driver tab. 5. Click on "update driver", and select the bottom selection (install from a list or specific location). 6. Click on ‘next’, and then select "include this location in the search", and the "browse" to the C:USB-MIDI_DriverDriver directory. 7. Click next and finish.

Here's a way to clean out the device manager of Yamaha drivers not being used.

1. Go to START/RUN, and type in CMD 2. Then type C:, press enter. 3. Now window type: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1, then enter 4. now type: start devmgmt.msc, enter again.

Device manager will launch. At the top of DM, click on VIEW and click on SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES.

Now go to sound, video, and game controllers. Remove all the greyed out (seen but not being used) yamaha usb driver info.

5. Type Exit (to exit) when finished, and reboot least twice.

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