Notes From James
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Millcreek Township Task Shift (Act 1)   James - Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 11:14 pm

Here is a link to the presentation given on the proposal to shift the taxes. From the presentation:


Elderly homeowners with no EIT or PIT

Lower income homeowners

Farmers - probably

Philadelphia workers


Elderly with significant PIT


Homeowners who do not file application

Higher income homeowners (includes many 2 wage earner families)

Students? [sic]

Gamblers! [sic]


Elderly renters

Middle income homeowners


Per this pdf, the recommended question is "Do you favor imposing an additional .52% earned income tax? The revenue generated from the increased tax rate will be used to reduce taxes on qualified residential properties by $375.51. The current earned income tax rate is .50%."

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