Notes From James
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Ani-movie Camera Repair   James - Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 9:53 pm

My son's camera, an Ani-movie animator camera, stopped working with its SD card. Upon disassembly of the camera, I saw that there was a plastic shield that would go between the pins of the SD card and the SD card cage (which holds the card). That shield had been mashed into many pieces by the SD card. I pulled out all the pieces with a needle nosed pliers and small screwdriver, and replaced it with a thick piece of plastic that I had lying around which was used to create stencils. You have to be very careful when putting in the card to make sure that the SD card is between the circuit board and the new plastic shield. My guess is that when I want to put the SD card in, it is safest to take the camera apart to make sure that the SD card is in the right position.

Camera disassembled with new shield in place

Detail of SD card cage with SD card in place.

Here's why I made the statement of wanting to disassemble the camera when inserting the card. I tried putting in the card manually, and mashed the second to leftmost pin because the SD card came to the wrong side of the shield.

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