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Things To Remember While Biking   James - Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 10:01 pm

A friend of mine and I biked to work last week (ride number 2, 12 miles each way for me). He got a flat along the way to work, but luckily enough, he had slime filled tires that sealed the hole. Here's a few obvious things that would have come in handy:

Money. I had to load him a buck or so to fill up his tire with air since his pump wasn't working.

Pump. Better than money to fill a flat. My friend's pump didn't seem to work at all, though. The other big problem is that after starting back home after filling up with gas station air, the slime broke out of the hole and the tire lost some pressure. It did stop the leak again, though.

Patch kit. Unfortunately, this wouldn't have helped much in this case, as the slime self sealant really is slimy. I'm not sure if a tire patch would have helped as the patch glue would have to have something to stick to.

Tool kit. Well, maybe this wouldn't have helped, but it would have been good if we had a patch kit.

For people who live in Erie PA: I live in Millcreek, and bike to Lawrence Park. It's really not that bad: an hour from end to end, and quite scenic at points. Please consider the alternatives to driving. Think green! And save green!

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