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End of the biking season   

Due to cold, rain, and darkness, it appears that it's now the end of the 2008 biking season, for me at least. It's been a really good year! Here are a few statistics:

  • 3211 km / 2006 miles covered
  • 73 bikes to work
  • Started on March 30th, ended October 16th
  • Covered the distance from Los Angeles, CA to Davenport, IA (and a bit into Illinois)
  • Based on working every day for 52 weeks, this comes out to be 28% of the time! Actually, a bit higher if you take away holidays, vacations, etc.

See this map at Bikely for the virtual ride.

I'll have to start setting goals for next year; I think I can do a bit further. If I really start training, I should be able to go further than this year, especially if I grit it through the rain and snow. I'm really not that type, though. I'd like to be able to do 80 bikes to work next year, if I can.

Of course, if I get up enough nerve to make a few more rides in, I'll post it here.

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