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Pennsylvania bike support   

I received a mail today regarding making bicycling in Pennsylvania safer by requiring clearance from automobiles.

Pennsylvania is a great state to bicycle in but there are some areas that need cleaning up to make it safer for all of us. Pennsylvania was ranked 38th as the most bicycle friendly state by the League of American Bicyclists. In an attempt to make it better, are two important pieces of legislation: 1) a “4 foot passing law,” requiring motor vehicles to pass cyclists with a minimum of 4 feet, and 2) a law protecting cyclists from the dreaded “right hook,” where a motorist passes a cyclist on the left and turns right into the bike’s path.

There is also a proposed amendment to add protection to all “vulnerable users,” such as buggies and pedestrians walking in areas without a sidewalk, and not just limit it to cyclists, but this has yet to be been added. This legislation is being introduced by Rep Ron Miller that has had only 6 sponsors as of February 6th.

Please contact your state representative on this important legislation.


(Thanks Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia for writing it)

Dear _____________:

I support legislation that is being introduced by Rep. Ron Miller that will require motorists, when changing lanes is not possible, to give at least four feet of clearance when passing a bicyclist. It also requires a motorist who is making a right turn not to interfere with a bicyclist who is traveling straight. This is the same legislation as HB2689 from last session.

Your co-sponsorship of Rep. Miller’s legislation will be greatly appreciated.

For additional info:

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