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Stuff that haunts me - Jim Bailey   James - 

Jim Bailey was a stuntman who appeared on "That's Incredible" in the early 1980s. His big thing was being dragged by cars while sliding on (I believe) titanium blocks, a shower of sparks flying behind him. On April 1, 1981, in Hawaii, he was killed when he fell from an airplane when the strap holding him under it broke.

The news reports:

Australian stuntman Jim Bailey, known as ”The Human Torpedo,” fell 500 feet to his death from an airplane while making a film for television Wednesday, authorities said.

Initially, authorities said Baily was performing for ABC-TV’s ”That's Incredible,” but the show's producer denied having any connection with the accident.

Witnesses, including members of the Maui Fire Department and the rescue unit, said Bailey, a resident of Brisbane, Australia, was suspended underneath a single-engine Ballanca by a strap and belt when the belt broke. He hung onto the strap for a few seconds before falling.’

The video of him holding on for a few seconds continues to haunt me. Moonbuggy's web page has the video, if you choose to be haunted as well.

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