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Cheap internet bike racing part 5   James - Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 4:19 am

The project is pretty reliable now. I regularly train against previous rides. Having beat a previous time, it's quite exciting and stimulating to try to retain the lead. I have been dropping seconds quite frequently. All I have to do is keep going at it, and I'll be in good condition for a springtime time trial I'm training for.

I also have added code to publish the times and distances to IRC. For example:

*** #bike 1266376160
*** demobiker ( has joined channel #bike
 900.000000 0.008644
 1100.000000 0.010805
 1300.000000 0.012966
 1500.000000 0.015127
The format is:

  • Time in milliseconds
  • Distance in km

Eventually, the software will be able to pull in competitors times and display the differences, just as it does with prerecorded times.

Here's what I spent so far:

  • $20 for used bike trainer.
  • $3.50 for a female connector, used in the joystick.
  • $1.50 or so for postage. The magnet and sensor was donated.

Pretty inexpensive. Hopefully some more people will join in and build similar projects.

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