Notes From James
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Cyanotype photography   James - Saturday, July 30, 2011, 11:29 pm

I have recently begun experimenting with direct cyanotype photgraphy. Cyanotype paper is more commonly known as 'sunpaper', 'sun paper', or something similar. Basically, the chemicals on the paper react to the ultraviolet light from the sun. After a few hours of exposure, you wash the paper off in water (or water and lemon juice, as I did), and your results are made permanent.

All I did was take a shoe box, cut a small hole in the lid, tape a plastic magnifying glass to it, tape a piece of sunpaper to the bottom of the shoe box, and sit it out in the sun. I got lucky that the focal length of the magnifying glass focused the image to the back of the box almost perfectly. I might try making a SLR type camera next.

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