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Things to do in Erie   James - Saturday, September 26, 2015, 8:23 am

Visiting Erie? Need something new to do? Here is a list of things to do and places to go in the Erie, PA area.


  • For craft beers and good food, try The Brewerie, Tap House, and Jekyll and Hyde's
  • For country music, try the Bourbon Barrel.
  • For alternative music try Sherlock's or The King's Rook (this is a membership bar but only costs $10/year)
  • For dancing, try Docksiders, Sluggers, Park Place or The Zone (gay bar).
  • For crowds? Try Sluggers, Plymouth, Docksiders, Sullivans (mostly college kids)
  • For a adult/relaxed atmosphere, try Molly Brannigans, Jekyll and Hyde's, Tap House, and Lavery's


Tickets are cheap and keep an eye out for "buck nights"/"dollar days" where tickets are even cheaper and food/beer is a buck


  • The Warner Theater often hosts travelling productions and symphonies
  • Erie Playhouse is a local theatre
  • All an Act and the Station Dinner theatre are also local groups
  • Jr's Last Laugh comedy club often has nationally recognized comedians


  • Presque Isle State Park must not be missed. It has beautiful beaches, lagoons, hiking trails, bike paths, kayaking, and tours.
  • The Tom Ridge Environmental Center has environmentally centered exhibits (free) as well as a large screen movie theatre
  • Waldameer and Waterworld is a local amusement park. The Ravine Flyer II was ranked 6th in the world for best wooden coaster (Golden Ticket Awards)
  • Splash Lagoon, open year round, is a U.S. ranking indoor water park


  • Upper Peach Street, near the intersection of interstate 90, and the Millcreek Mall are the two major shopping hubs


  • Get the Erie Reader which is free bi-monthly (every two weeks) publication and carried by most establishments in Erie. It's an independent publication that highlights events, local art/music, and editorials on the happenings of the area.
  • Erie Events has most major events listed

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