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More stuff   James - Saturday, July 28, 2018, 10:34 am

Found a phone's SIM card, returned it.

2018 Mar 05 - ZTE Android with Sprint. Did not start (would power up, but could not run), and I couldn't use the SIM in my phone. No SD card. Boot menu worked, wiped cache, reset phone, no luck. Trashed.

2018 May 16 - Found a wallet in the bike lane by Frontier Park. Through Facebook, found the owner and returned it. She said it was left on top of her car.

2018 Jul 25 - Found a phone that was destroyed. Put the SIM card in my phone, was able to return the card (but not the phone) to the owner. He said he lost about 14 phones last year and 5 phones this year from his motorcycle.

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