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Updated 2005 Apr 11

Mini Mirror

This is a little utility that I use to backup files from one directory to another. It is only a little command line run Java class that copies files from one directory to the next if the file modified date or length changes. It is particularly useful for backing up a documents directory that only gets new files. During the process of copying, this utility creates a data file of source file information to check against. This reduces the time needed to back up files across a network as only files that have changed (with respect to the data file) actually access the network and are copied. The command line for the utility is:

java mirror {source dir} {target dir} {data file}

Since I back up on Windows, I have to replace the backslashes with a double-backslash. My command line looks like:

java mirror c:\\document z:\\backup_document mirror.dat

Note that I use this from Windows to UNIX and have not (yet) encountered any issues. If you want to resynchronize the directories from scratch, merely delete the mirror.dat (or whatever you have called it) data file. The data file will be rebuilt the next time that mirror is run. Note that multiple backups should use different data files to avoid problems.

Source Class file

Licence: GPL. Please release the source code if you make any changes, improvements, or modifications!

Last modified: 6 Feb 2005