Dixie ,Pogie and Turbos page of fun 

Dixie is a mix dog its border collie and german Shepperd in her she is now 12 years old and act like a pup ,She is born in Sweden but lives now in Usa in Erie Pennsylvania Here is some pictures on Dixie

Hey,,don't you see i am tired and need my beauty sleep 

I must guard my family

I love to be here in the sun its so nice

Here is the cat in the family and her name is Pogie . She is 1 years old now and her favorite play is to tease the dogs. but the dogs don't mind ,Here is some pictures of Pogie

Maybe a new dance

Its so nice to just relax here

be quiet i watching tv here now

This is the newest of the pets He is an Border collie and he is now 5 month old just a pup who learn something new everyday .His name is Turbo and he like to play with Dixie all the time and she like it and thinks he is her own pup she have adopt him.. I hope to do some agility with him later . Here is some pictures of him\

I have to find a good spot

Hi there don you think i am cute

In a hotel on the way to Erie PA a long way from Tennessee there i was born

I just had my first bath and now i smell so good,but i did not like to take it

Oh my goodness what a tasty big bone