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DixieMail is a 100% FREE Java 1.1 based internet server package featuring:

  • SMTP E-Mail server
  • POP3 E-Mail server
  • Password server (supporting Eudora)
  • HTTP server, supporting web-based e-mail and administration
It is window driven with a web interface and allows dynamic user-written extensions. Examples of possible extensions are listservers, autorepliers, and games. Source code is totally included. Even CGI type scripts can be added.

DixieMail is Freeware - everything about it is free, even support. I do appreciate letters of thanks, though. DixieMail is written by James Ghofulpo

Known bugs:

  • Administration allowed by anyone with a valid user ID and password
  • Listserver does not work
  • User ID case sensitive (feature?)

To administrate DixieMail, go and log in with the username/password root/root.


DixieMail can be downloaded here! Source is included. Scroll down for documentation.

Standard Disclaimer: Anything you download here is your own responsibility. If it does not work, do not come crying to me (although I will help as much as possible). This software could totally destroy your computer, ruin your love life, kick your dog, and worse. So whatever you do with it is up to you.

Download DixieMail 1.7
Download DixieMail 1.6
Download DixieMail 1.5

updated 19 Mar 2000


July 2, 2001

Sorry, everybody - the archives were down for a long time. I had to do some cleanup in the zip files (which is why they were missing). Sorry again to everybody. I have stopped active development on DixieMail; however the source is there for you to modify! Best of luck...check back in a few months...you never know when the urge will kick in again!

March 19, 2000

This is the release that everybody has been waiting for! Features include:

  • Web based mail! (pretty simple now, but it's there!)
  • WWW server as well
  • Web based administration - No more screwing around with those cryptic menus
  • Lots of server cleanup (as usual)...it's getting better!

Please note that there are some "bugs" with the server. Nothing that cause the server to crash or anything, but stuff that isn't totally secure, and stuff that stopped working as of late. However, it is so much nicer to have the web interface and all these new features, that I just couldn't wait!

February 6, 2000

Finally...a new release. As promised, updates include:

  • Menu driven extensions (including forwarding)
  • Support for multiple domains
  • Multilanguage support - even write your own menus
  • A bit of major server cleanup

Sorry for the delay, but probably no one was really waiting... :-)

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