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Death of My Palm   James - Friday, April 20, 2007, 12:00 pm

A while back, my Handspring Deluxe got dropped. That took out the rightmost 7 or so columns of pixels. Not enough to warrant getting a new one. Then, something else happened (not sure quite what), and the screen was totally shattered. So, instead of running out and getting a new one, I tried using the PocketMod paper PDA. Although, from time to time I do miss the Handspring, the PocketMod does most of what I need to do, is battery free, and, best of all, is free! The only thing that I really do miss is having my address list with me all the time. However, my cell phone has my most common phone numbers with me, and I have a copy of my address list in my glove compartment. This happened to be a good step in simplifying and "greening" my life.

On a somewhat related note, I recommend the More Hip Than Hippie podcast if you're interested in being more environmentally conscious. They present a nice set of ideas to "green" your life without being preachy.

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